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Workshops are run by Gail with help from splendid Mature Oaks. During performances Seeds, Saplings and Oaks mix and mingle but they are divided by age for workshops so that we can keep the groups small. 

Acting & Drama Classes
"The play's the thing"

Workshops are centred around exploring ideas and playing with different ways to perform the upcoming production, we are serious about being silly and staying open. All performances are a true collaboration between Gail, the cast and our expert helpers. 


About 3 weeks before a performance we have lots of rehearsals in different places and at different times. We know families have busy, hectic lives but we really like Acorns to do everything possible to make these rehearsals so that what we perform is confident and polished.

Singing & Dance
Music theatre

All performances are accompanied by live music, performed, created and adapted by the Acorns who have developed the music as part of the overall improvisation process, in the workshops leading up to the performance.

Many of the original songs have been recorded on an album that is available to buy on CD or stream.

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