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Thank you

Many generous people have given their time, energy and properties over to Acorn we would like to acknowledge them here:

Tales for Fairly Grimm Times - Start 2.jpg

The Ansell Family

 Start Farm have been hosting Acorn every other year for almost 2 decades. Thank you

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You have welcomed us into your homes, barns and fields:

The Stracey Family

White Pond Farm has seen many productions not just in their beautiful barn but their fields too. Thank you

Tales 7.jpeg

The White Family

Turville Park Farm was our original venue and they have even let us film Fox and Chickens in their courtyard amongst their fabulous real chickens. Thank you

Scary tales for Dark Nights.jpg

The Brown Family

Despite the wind and the rain, the performances in the Brown's garden at Remenham have been full of warmth. Thank you

A Midsummers Night's Dream.jpeg

Lady McAlpine

Not just for your amazing mangerie of a garden but for lending us your benches, glasses and anything else you can towards all our perfermances, not in the least for bringing your whole village to watch us!

The Odyssey.JPG

The Henwoods

Thank you for the boat yard as a performance space but even more for your time, dedication, skills and energy, you all give so much to Acorn but especially Lucie!

Lisa Rose

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The Greengrass Family

The Allports

The Ingrams at Christmas Tree Barn

The Nicholsons

The people by the river

The Moberlys

The Rancombes

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